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QueueMate by ClinicAll and SRC Infonet

Date: 3/21/2017 12:00:00 AM

The clinics in Izola and Jesenice are the first two hospitals in Slowenia that introduced the QueueMate system for automated patient registration in cooperation with ClinicAll and SRC Infonet. After a short six-week test period, the system has now been officially launched in March 2017.

QueueMate runs smoothly on ClinicAll terminals
Already over 80% of the daily patient registrations are handled by QueueMate in those hospitals where it is now operational. It is only when certain problems occur (such as that the patient data provided is incomplete) that patients are sent to the normal registration counter any more.When QueueMate was introduced in the hospital in Jesenice, both the prime minister of Slowenia Miro Cerar and the health minister Milojka Kolar Celarc were present to experience the possibilities that the system offers. Patients that already have used the system as well as the prime minister were impressed by how easy using the QueueMate system is on the ClinicAll terminals.
The workload on the clinic staff is considerably decreased so that they can spend more time on direct patient care and assistance. Queues at the patient registration desk now are a thing of the past. The director of the hospital in Jesenice – Poklukar Janez – already stated that the system provides invaluable improvements both for patients and staff. He attaches great importance to the ongoing digitalization of the clinic, actively working on its further development. In addition, Slovenian media reported in detail about the government visit and introduction of the new system. Slovenia is currently working intensively on the state-wide introduction of digital electronic prescriptions and electronic referral letters.
The QueueMate application was developed by SRC Infonet, the Slowenian market leader for digital hospital technologies. Closely collaborating with ClinicAll, a modern and powerful software application was developed that could be perfectly integrated on the ClinicAll terminals in hospitals.

The advantages of the patient registration system:

  • Patients that are visiting the hospital for medical diagnosis, control or consultation can register themselves via the ClinicAll terminals.
  • They receive a printout with all important data: Scheduled examination, room, treating physician, location, floor, etc.
  • Every patient is identified by the given patient number and name.
  • The patient guidance system does away with lengthy waiting and processing times in front of the doctor’s office.
  • Screens are mounted within the whole clinic building so patients can follow their treatment data. Thus, patients are free to move within the building e.g. to visit the cafeteria or lobby until they are called.
  • Immediately after the registration has been completed successfully via the ClinicAll terminal, the patient shows up in the current patient list. One click on this entry reveals all relevant patient data to the clinic staff. Lengthy search for patient data is no longer necessary.
  • A complete integration of every treatment in the HIS is accomplished – from appointment allocation until the first contact between patient and doctor.

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