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Advantech LPWAN Solutions for Smart Parking Sensor- Long Range Lower Power Wireless Node with Sensor Integration

Date: 4/17/2017 12:00:00 AM


All parked vehicles on the street are required to be in legal parking spaces, so it’s useful for drivers to know if spaces are available in advance. However, it’s inefficient to build parking sensors with cables over on-street parking spaces, so long range lower power wireless technologies can help to solve the deployment of on-street smart parking sensors.

Requirement and Solution

A magnetic sensor company was looking for a Low Power Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) wireless solution to detect the presence or absence of vehicles in street parking spaces. The sensor company had abundant knowledge of magnetic sensors and algorithms, but they lacked wireless technology experience to complete the smart parking solution.

Advantech’s WISE-1510 LoRaWAN IoT sensor nodes offer long range and lower power features based on the LoRaWAN standard, so the sensor company was able to build the smart parking sensor applications based around WISE-1510. In future, Advantech will launch the WISE-3610 LoRaWAN IoT Gateway bundled with WISE-PaaS/RMM to support the demand of private LoRaWAN eco-systems.   


  • Easy installation with LoRaWAN wireless technology 
  • Years of battery life to lower maintenance costs on smart parking solutions 
  • Long distance cover to support hundreds of sensor nodes Collects smart parking big data to improve street parking efficiency