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Security Complex System for Intelligent Residential Quarter

Date: 10/7/2008 12:00:00 AM

Building Automation & Energy Management 
Location: China

Project Introduction:
Intelligent residential quarters in China have been increasing in popularity since their introduction in the 1980's, especially in the larger cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Intelligent residential quarters are equipped with elevators, water & sewage pumps, lighting, security and more. Automatic monitoring is necessary for ensuring safe operation at all times. An international intelligent residential quarter located in Shanghai city uses Advantech’s WebAccess as the kernel of its Building Automation system.

System Requirements:
One of China's latest high-tech intelligent residential quarters isbeing touted asproviding the best in modern living. This large development required a reliable and state-of-the-art equipment monitoring system to provide residential security monitoring with real-time alarms. The contractors turned to Advantech, seeking a reliable monitoring system that would enhance property management quality, reduce labor intensity for the management staff, cut down the cost of property management, and help to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for all residents.

Project Implementation:

ADAM-4051 16-ch Isolated Digital Input Module with Modbus
EKI-1222 2-port Modbus Gateway
BAS-3520 20-ch Web-enabled DDC Controller
BAS-3050 8-ch DI, 8-ch DO Expansion Module

System Diagram:

System Description:
This equipment monitoring system for this intelligent residential quarter is composed of an upper computer for monitoring, and a lower computer for control. The upper computerincludes the IPC-610H and Advantech WebAccess components; while the lower computer includes the ADAM-4051 and it's corresponding Modbus Data Gateway module, EKI-1222. The WebAccess configuration of the system allows it to communicate with sub-systems of the lower computer through different communication protocols, thus creating an integrated system.The perimeter alarm system: 24 couples of infrared alarm signals spread across the Beautiful Garden are connected to the upper computer through two ADAM-4051 modules and an EKI-1222 module via ModbusRTU universal protocol. Gate guard:WebAccess acquires cardreader data by accessing the SQL data base of the sub-system. BA System: The web-enabled DDC controller of BAS-3520 and its expansion module BAS-3050 is developed by embedding WebAccess through TCP/IP protocol. Video monitoring: Integrating a PV-1000E Video/Audio Capture Card into IPC-610H, allows it to act as a video server. WebAccess is integrated with a video server so as to integrate the video monitoring screen.

The equipment monitoring system of this intelligent residential quarter features simple wiring, convenient mounting, easy software configuration and reliability. Efficient monitoring helpsimprove the living environment, greatly enhances the property management quality, reduces the labor intensity of property management staff, cuts down the cost of property management and provides comfortable living environment for all residents.