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Advantech showcases Industrial Automation solutions for the Industrial IoT Era at SPS/DRIVES 2017 exhibition

Date: 2/6/2018 12:00:00 AM

Advantech showcases Industrial Automation solutions for the Industrial IoT Era at SPS/DRIVES 2017 exhibition

The SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation and will be held in Nuremberg from 28 to 30 November 2017. Being one of the key players in bridging the gap from IT to IOT with its innovative Solution Ready Platforms, Advantech IIOT Europe Group will be present with a booth in Hall 7, no. 180. 

The company will showcase the latest Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions and Solution Ready Platform (SRP) Technologies, which were designed to help manufacturing companies take a step forward towards Industry 4.0. The aim is to making them smarter and more efficient.
No less than 9 Advantech´s ECO partners and  solution Alliance Partners will demonstrate a fully OT to Cloud integrated Software engineering environment  including a  full  range of hardware devices from wireless and wired sensor connectivity, Fieldbus and Ethernet based connectivity devices, programmable controllers, edge computing devices, gateways, servers and storage systems  including system-level expertise.
The booth in Hall 7 will be divided into 7 shops, each dedicated to a dedicated theme. They will be providing highly integrated, and system cost optimized Solution Ready Platforms (SRP) for the Industrial IOT Market. Visitors can quickly distinguish the areas and thus access the solutions they are mostly interested in.

An overview of the shops:

SHOP 1 - Realtime OT Solution Ready Platform: Embedded Control, Motion and Vision by Advantech
This shop will demonstrate demonstrating a unique and comprehensive portfolio of Real Time high performance embedded controller solutions, ranging from PC-based motion control solutions that include modular PAC controllers from the APAX-5580 series, fan-less  embedded automation PCs of the UNO series and a full range of wide screen multi-touch Panel controllers of the TPC series. All devices are empowered by CODESYS V3.5 RTE, an IEC 61131-3 engineering platform for control solutions.
These solutions typically find their way into factory OT environments and with IT to OT connections. The solutions in this shop benefit from Open standard communication (such as Ethercat RT), RFID solution for user authentication, complete vision platform solution and PAC RT control solution. Being the no. 1 manufacturer in the world for IPC’s, Advantech is able to provide a real complete solution. Thanks to the SI network, we can deliver a real OT solutions that is seamless connecting to the rest of the factory system.

SHOP 2 - Predictive Maintenance for Smart Factory Machine Condition Monitoring
This shop is all about optimizing maintenance and monitoring in factories. Advantech will be showing these solutions: 
1.Wireless data collection with WISE 4000 series The Wireless data collection devices WISE 4000 series offers easy implementation and flexible expansion, while providing automatic retransmission and anti-noise interference to enhance the stability of wireless data transmissions. These devices  enables equipment manufacturers to implement device monitoring and remote management applications rapidly and conveniently without concerns about data loss during transmissions.
2. Intelligent RTU ADAM 3600 with TagLink technology The ADAM-3600 has been designed for intelligent Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) application in utilities by leveraging IoT technology. The Adam-3600 can be used with Advantech´s TagLink technology, a Software tool which allows engineers to assign real meaning tags to the data they manage and helps to make it easier to maintain. It will help users to process raw data and provides a unified interface for different protocol servers. 
3. The Advantech B+B Wzzard™ Wireless Sensor Network Platform The Advantech BB Wzzard allows monitoring in remote and demanding locations at a much more reasonable price point per node than proprietary RF wireless technologies.

SHOP 3 - Shop floor control room solutions and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an approach for monitoring and managing the lifecycle of manufacturing assets and is a metric for measuring and monitoring how efficient manufacturing processes are. The shop therefor focusses strongly on shop floor control rooms. Concepts like Overall Efficiency Effectiveness and Energy Management Systems will be driving the smart manufacturing companies to trace the quality of their environments and production flow from raw material to finish goods, avoiding lines downtime, reducing production gaps, letting customizations be easier and faster, optimizing plant energy efficiency.
For real time data analysis and data management, Advantech is showcasing how easy it is to collect, to monitor and to trace environmental and production data direct from the factory shop floor level in a factory control room.

SHOP 4 – Big Data and cloud connectivity
This shop will showcase an Advantech corp. production live demo, ECO Partner ATOS Application Azure EDGE SDK, ECO Partner Innovation Unplugged / Enginity showing a Factory Management application based on SAP Cloud and Microsoft Azure, high performance server and storage solutions, Stratus technologies “always on” and DataCore´s virtual storage solutions and finally some Deep learning system architectures.
Some highlights of this shop: 
1. The Stratus Always-on Technologies; in order to address the challenges of modern manufacturing, Advantech and Stratus Technologies announced a partnership agreement to offer continuously available server solutions for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. 
2. “Always-on” refers to systems that are continuously available 99.999% of the time, so for example one application can live on two virtual machines. If one machine fails, the application continues to run on the other machine with no interruption or data loss.
3. To address the challenges of modern manufacturing, Advantech and DataCore Software announced a partnership agreement to offer a range of factory-based hyper-converged server solutions for Industry 4.0. 
4. Advantech recently developed a deep learning system architecture to help customers integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their solutions. 
5. The Atos demo is showing how to apply Edge computing (Microsoft Intelligent Edge) to connect sensors and control actuators in the field. The demo also includes how to apply a safe communication to the Cloud (Microsoft Azure Intelligent Cloud) and to do both local logic for measurement & control and cloud logic to analyze and work the data.  

SHOP 5 – Industrial IOT connectivity
In this area Advantech will demonstrate how to create an IIOT connectivity applying solutions like Rackmount EKI-9628G Layer 3 (Lite version) Management switches, Rackmount EKI-9728G:  IT/OT connectivity with L3 “full” functionality, supports 4x combo ports with max speed 10GigE, families of DIN Rail mount protocol converters e.g. Modbus to EtherNet/IP, Profinet to EtherNet/IP and Advantech Rackmount Layer 3 Industrial Ethernet switches. 

SHOP 6 – Production Asset Management 
This shop showcases the unique partnership of Advantech and Detron ICT groep BV. They offer an exclusive portfolio around (I)IoT, Smart manufacturing and factories, including data encryption & data integrity, smart analytics & big data, secure remote upgrades & maintenance, network segmentation & secure remote access, real time machine monitoring and more. 
On the booth Detron will show two main solutions:
1. Life cycle management for (Industrial) Servers & storage. 
2. Their software solution for asset management In Control: A Performance Management software tool for endpoints, mobile networking to manage firmware upgrades and diagnose

SHOP 7 - Predictive maintenance and Machine Condition Monitoring
The last shop will highlight solutions that allow factories to monitor machines enabling them to anticipate maintenance activities. Monitoring and managing remote machine assets can deliver real value in reducing downtime and cutting maintenance costs. Industry estimates suggest up to 85% of the value will come from brownfield installations that are inadequately networked – or exist in a closed system unable to communicate with enterprise systems. In response to the above challenges, Advantech will show in this shop two different solution platforms for Predictive Maintenance and machine condition monitoring:
1. Advantech's High speed Data Acquisition solution Platform MIC 1816 with the Machine Conditioning Software  Web Access/MC
2. Predictive Maintenance with Acoustic source detection with a Sorama sound camera sensor.