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  • White Papers
  • Design Meets Technology with the New TPC Multi-touch Panel Controller

    TPC-1581WP and TPC-1881WP series provide machines an additional optical value - an important feature -finding a growing interest in the Machine automation market. The free of charge CODESYS Development system includes all the components for engineering, all IEC-61131-3 languages, compiler for the native machine code, a powerful debugger and a clear project configurator.
  • Advantech´s IoT Controller ADAM-5560CDS brings Intelligence to Manufacturing and Infrastructure Services

    The ADAM-5560CDS is a most cost efficient modular IPC controller based on the IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS V3 from 3S-Smart Software Solutions. This programming tool can facilitate programming across multiple controllers. It provides the interoperability necessary for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS ) and sets up a solid foundation for the Internet of Things ( IOT) in the factory facility, transforming a factory to a Smart Factory without huge investments.
  • Scalable PC-Based Automation Technology as a Universal Controller Platform in Industrial IoT

    PC based control has been around in various forms for just about as long as PCs have been around. When you think about it, PCs have been doing machine control applications as long as PLCs are in the market. Here are many reasons why embedded IPC based control is an excellent control platform versus proprietary PLC platforms. Here are many reasons why embedded IPC based control is an excellent control platform versus proprietary PLC platforms.
  • Advantech CODESYS as an Engineering Platform for IoT Solutions

    Advantech´s ADAM-5560CDS is a cost effective DIN-Rail IPC for Data acquisition and Control tasks for IoT applications which require Industrial PC computing performance with a PLC’s robustness. The ADAM-5560CDS, is equipped with an Intel Atom CPU, along with control specific features such as watchdog timer, battery backup RAM and deterministic I/O.
  • Modular Panel Platform Provides Flexibility

    When the Box PC can plug into the display as a module, users can replace or upgrade either the Box PC for the display instead of the entire Box PC/display unit.
  • Tech Trends in Machine Vision

    This White Paper will address the latest technology trends in machine vision and show how these trends are providing benefits to manufacturers worldwide. High performance hardware options are making it easier than ever to install vision systems and different networking architectures have emerged to best serve a wide variety of diverse applications. Standards are emerging to ease integration, and software is becoming easier to set up and use.
  • Industrial PCs – Making the Right Choice

    This White Paper will examine the pros and cons of various automation platform technologies to identify where an IPC offers the best fit. For many applications, this technology brings together just the right combination of characteristics to be the optimum solution for intelligent automation. Not only that, but IPCs are uniquely poised to enable the smart factory by bridging operations technology (OT) with information technology (IT) systems. We’ll start by looking at what key aspects define an industrial PC.
  • Cloud Connectivity for Industrial IoT Applications

    A hardware communication hub such as an RTU or a gateway is often the best tool to collect,
    format, and forward industrial automation system big data to the cloud.
  • Wireless Connectivity for the Internet of Things

    Learn how IoT methodologies can be used in conjunction with wireless technology to gather field data and to publish the information to those who need it most.
  • Enable Intelligent Maintenance on Cloud-based WebAccess

    The concept of “smart manufacturing” has flourished in recent years. Industry 4.0 will upgrade global industrial capabilities by increasing communication among equipment, devices, and humans via Internet connectivity. A cloud-based IIoT SCADA gateway is a system capable of supporting data storage and performing data communication from data concentrators to data consumers.
  • Making Manufacturing Smart

    Implementing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) makes factories smart and confers a host of operational benefits.
  • Data Acquisition with the Cloud and Mobile Devices

    IoT and the Cloud make it possible for sensors to be everywhere, for data storage to be anywhere, and, through the use of mobile devices, control and display of data to be anywhere as well. 
  • Eye and Hand Coordination - The Future of Robotics

    Robot vision and increased computer processing power are the keys to less expensive, easier to operate and easier to program robots. Without vision, a robot needs to be carefully programmed to move to carefully measured coordinates, and repeat the function. With vision as a feedback mechanism, it is now possible to do random picking with near 100% accuracy.
  • Next Generation of HMI

    Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis Solutions for Production Management
  • Intelligent RTU in the IoT era

    The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabled by the implementation of intelligent electronic devices and sensors on communication networks with real-time data exchange and control functionality between the field and a control center. It allows utilities to have better visibility into the system conditions anywhere and at any time utilizing advanced automated applications that improve system reliability, efficiency, and customer service.
  • Using EtherCAT for Industrial Control Communications

    EtherCAT is an ideal solution in many motion control and related industrial automation applications because of its high speed, determinism, and reliability.
  • Cloud-based SCADA as an Industrial IoT Gateway

    Consumer media is awash with articles concerning the Internet of Things (IoT) and how smarter devices, the things in the IoT, are changing the world. Another hot tech topic is the cloud in all of its forms: cloud storage, cloud-based apps, cloud-powered mobile devices, cloud-hosted virtual machines and other applications. Yet the IoT and the cloud have much more to offer than consumer-grade conveniences. A fusion of IoT and cloud technologies has specific applications in the industrial automation sector, creating the Industrial IoT (IIoT). Unquestionably, cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software provides an ideal gateway to deliver practical and actionable IIoT information to those who need it.
  • Advantech IXM Technology, the Master to Network Deployment

    IXM technology for device fast deployment.
  • Advantech and EtherCAT

    Factory Automation in general and Motion Control as its most demanding sector are vital and indispensable elements in almost all industrial branches such as automotive, mechanical and semiconductor production, filling and packaging, printing and many more.
  • The Benefit of Green ICT in Smart Factories

    The Benefits of Green IT in smart factories and facilities Contributions by Advantech. 
  • Industrial PC Trends

    Manufacturers are integrating commercial PC technologies to provide the customized solutions that users demand. This White Paper describes how by using standard components an industrial solution can be provided.
  • Industry 4.0

    The application of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Analytics technologies will improve production line performance, lower operations costs, and to enable short response time to individual customer requirements.
  • Evolving HMI/SCADA Software to HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboard

    With HTML5 technology, HMI-SCADA allows users to create remote viewing screens compatible with most tablets or smartphones, while dashboard tools speed up the creation of summary screens.
  • Standards Based Smart Grid Power Distribution Systems

    In a modern power grid, there are many different types of power production systems. 
    Smart grids are necessary for demand-response power production, and to manage the contribution of the non-conventional systems, which are not consistent power producers.
  • Next Generation of IPCs

    Industrial PCs based on CompactPCI technology are the next generation platform for industrial automation and other related applications. This white paper will examine the technology powering these new IPCs and why CPCI IPCs are the best option for the most demanding automation applications.
  • Thin Client Visualization and Remote Access

    Industrial and commercial companies are employing thin clients and other types of remote access to interface to private clouds.
  • WiFI – The New Key to Industrial Control and Safety

    Wi-Fi, is the common name for the whole series of devices that conform to the IEEE 802.11 standard. The purpose of Wi-Fi is to remove the complexity of the IEEE 802.11 standard from the public view, so that the market size would increase in the consumer space.