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  • White Papers
  • Advantech Always-on Solutions: Enjoy 99.999% Uptime

    Advantech and Stratus joint solutions meet 99.999% uptime requirements. This PDF highlights dual Advantech servers conjoined via a virtualization platform that pairs protected virtual machines together to create a single operating environment. The entire application environment is perfect for disaster recovery and mission critical resilience.
  • High Availability Server for Industry IoT Application

    Internet of Things is complicated. The “Internet” needs to be able to interface all sensors and controllers at the edge,while providing very high availability for the data as it comes from the edge to the control system or to the cloud. To make IIoT work, the servers and other network appliances need to be robust and very high availability.
  • Cloud-based SCADA as an Industrial IoT Gateway

    Consumer media is awash with articles concerning the Internet of Things (IoT) and how smarter devices, the things in the IoT, are changing the world. Another hot tech topic is the cloud in all of its forms: cloud storage, cloud-based apps, cloud-powered mobile devices, cloud-hosted virtual machines and other applications. Yet the IoT and the cloud have much more to offer than consumer-grade conveniences. A fusion of IoT and cloud technologies has specific applications in the industrial automation sector, creating the Industrial IoT (IIoT). Unquestionably, cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software provides an ideal gateway to deliver practical and actionable IIoT information to those who need it.
  • Advantech IXM Technology, the Master to Network Deployment

    IXM technology for device fast deployment.
  • Increasing Production Line Performance and Reducing Operations Costs with IoT Technologies

    Equipment maintenance personnel are tasked with keeping the production line running at peak performance while
    minimizing operation costs. Greatly simplifying this task, it's possible to seamlessly link factory floor devices and
    processes using technologies from the IoT, thus enabling remote equipment monitoring and management from a
    centralized management platform.
  • Advantech ASR-5200E Ideal for Microsoft environments

    Advantech ASR-5200E_Ideal for Microsoft environments
  • Advantech ASR-5200E Ideal for VMware Environments

    Advantech ASR-5200E Ideal for VMware Environments
  • In-vehicle Video Surveillance Boosts Public Safety

    The following sections will introduce the required components of an in-vehicle video surveillance system for implementing the mentioned functions, the special ruggedization technologies and considerations needed for in-vehicle applications, and, finally, how the world’s leading IPC maker, Advantech Technology, integrates all these requirements, technologies, and considerations in a single compact box computer.
  • Advantech ARK Self-sensing Intelligent Systems Drive Evolution in the Internet of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things is the basis for connecting intelligent devices with cloud computing. Advantech’s new generation of ARK fanless embedded systems is capable of self-management, seamless communication, and self-protection. It is also able to implement real-time monitoring and control over connected peripherals, automatically collecting data from them and reporting abnormal situations. In various application environments, ARK is able to initiate its “self-sensing” mechanism through advanced soft-and-hardware designs that help users quickly implement IoT applications and maximize their benefits.
  • Advantech Smart City White Paper

    Advantech Promotes the Concept
    and Vision of a Smart City
    The term “Smart City” is no longer a new concept. With
    the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT),
    smart cities are dramatically increasing worldwide,
    gradually yet subtly becoming a part of everyday life.
    Advantech is publishing this whitepaper to increase
    public understanding by sharing success stories from
    around the world. This allows local governments
    planning to implement smart cities to learn from
    previous cases and, together with Advantech, promote
    the development of smart cities.
  • Heavy Reading: Platforms for Accelerating the Virtual infrastructure

    Network infrastructures are shifting from physical systems to virtual functions, and this requires a new class of network appliance that provides high-performance pro-cessing, balanced input/output (I/O) and hardware or software acceleration. Soft-ware-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are changing the way networks