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Advantech Exclusive Fanless Modular System – MIOS-5250

Date: 11/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

Building up Your Ideal Intelligent Systems in 30 Days!

November  6th,  2014,  Taipei,  Taiwan
– Advantech, a leading embedded platform and integrated services provider, is pleased to announce the release of MIOS-5250, a new multiple I/O (MI/O) embedded fanless system. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ N2600/D2550 processor, the MIOS-5250 is an intelligent modular system that features a fanless design, configurable I/O interfaces for rapid customization, as wellas innovative value-added software for smart remote management and security. By adopting a groundbreaking modular approach, the MIOS-5250 enables systems to be built rapidly and easily, with less overall development costs. The shortened system design and verification times make it possible to build complete systems within 30 days, which is at least a 50% reduction in development time compared to that of traditional original design manufacturers (ODMs). A recent customer satisfaction survey has also shown that MIOS-5250 reduces research and development costs by at least 20% compared to other similar systems.

Fully Modular Designfor Time and Cost Savings
MIOS-5250 supports various off-the-shelf MIOe modules for additional functional extensibility; these modules include MIOe-210 for six additional COM ports, MIOe-220 for three additional GbE, MIOe-3680 for CAN bus, and MIOe-3674 for a further four PoE ports. With MIOS-5250, customers can choose any combination of platforms, extension modules, I/O connections, brackets, power solutions, memory, storage, and operating systems based on their requirements. They can also enjoy a rapid customization turnaround for brackets, logos, printing, color, and mountings, which makes MIOS-5250 a significant time and cost-saving solution. However, if the wide selection of existing Advantech I/O modules cannot meet specific application requirements, customers can apply their domain knowledge to design dedicated I/O modules. By taking advantage of Advantech’s complete documentation and consultant resources, customers can continue using the same enclosure to save mechanical development and tooling costs. Additionally, MIOS-5250 supports a wide range of DC power inputs, including 12 volts, 12 ~ 24 volts, and 9 ~ 36 volts, making it suitable for different power environments.

Easy and Seamless Platform Upgrades

The MIOS-5250 system offers a high degree of reusability, not only because of its modular design, but also because the design characteristics of each single-board computer (SBC), such as the MIOe interface pin configuration and rear I/O and screwhole locations, are unified.Thus, for system upgrades, customers only need to select a suitable MI/O extension SBC; the system configuration settings of the previous system, including custom I/O brackets, cables, and even the I/O module itself, can be reused. This saves considerable time and development costs.

Certified Configuration
To further reduce development costs, Advantech has verified all MIOS-5250 parts and components in combination with various MIOe modules. For factors such as compatibility, environment reliability, and electromagnetic interference and compatibility, the MIOS-5250 has successfully passed CE/FCC/UL/CB/CCC certifications. Advantech also provides a Configure-To-Order Services (CTOS) for all unique integration requests. With CTOS support, customers can rapidly obtain a certified system with multiple configurations for different applications.

Value-added Software for Remote Management and Security
MIOS-5250 is embedded with iManager, an intelligent self-management cross-platform firmware tool that monitors the system status, and initiates appropriate actions to resolve problems. The MIOS-5250 is also equipped with Advantech’s remote management software, SUSIAccess, which facilitates the development of intelligent management functions, ensures a continuous system uptime, and reduces overall maintenance costs. The system also features other powerful utilities such as System Recovery (powered by Acronis), System Protection (powered by McAfee), and Remote KVM for preventing and recovering from potential system failures.

Ideal System Choices for Rapid Deployment
In the past, system integrators have struggled to balance convenience, flexibility, and price competitiveness when designing and building embedded systems. However, with its modular approach, fanless design, selectable I/O interfaces, consumer-grade peripheral options, and easy platform upgrades, the MIOS-5250 enables customers to build intelligent systems conveniently and rapidly.

MIOS-5250 MI/O Extension System

• MI/O extension system: 284.6 x 74.5 x 151.6 mm (11.2” x 2.9” x 5.96”)
• Intel® Atom™ N2600 1.6 GHz/D2550 1.86 GHz fanless embedded box PC
• Supports up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory
• Modularized design offers rich I/O expansion possibilities
• Various extension modules for selection: multiple serial-port / GbE, CAN Bus, PoE
• Optimized fanless thermal design for maximizing heat dissipation
• Facilitates rapid customization of modules, I/O brackets, color, and/or logo
• 12V DC power input and 12-24V wide range DC-DC power input
• Adaptor cable with wire clip design to prevent disconnection
• Supports iManager, SUSIAccess,and embedded software APIs

For additional information regarding MIOS-5250, please contact your local sales office, or visit the Advantech website at For more information about MI/O extension, please visit us online at


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