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Multi-media Retail Kiosks
Multimedia kiosks have been widely used in many public places due to their accessibility and potential to deliver 24/7 service to large numbers of people. An important aspect of this kiosk enclosure was to promote brand recognition, so the system integrators designed and created a unique ID. Advantech IDS-3115, together with industrial motherboard AIMB-252, connected via VGA interface more than satisfied all the customer’s requirements. IDS-3115 provides 15" XGA,1200-nit LED panel with excellent sunlight readability. Its bezel-less and open-frame architecture allows for customized face plate design and can easily be rear mounted into an enclosure. Its ultra slim and light-weight design also provides efficient installation. Finally, a Projected Capacitive Touch solution was applied to bring quick and instant touch response and excellent user feedback experience.

IDS-3100 Series
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Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems Application
Electrical vehicle charging stations need to be installed in busy outdoor locations which are exposed directly to bright sunlight. Clear visibility under strong sunlight is clearly an essential prerequisite, so Advantech's IDK-2108, 8.4" 1200-nit LCD kit, together with a wide temperature range single board computer—MIO-2261, provided System Integrators with a highly integrated solution. The 1200-nit high brightness display makes IDK-2108 visible even under strong ambient light. IDK-2108's wide temperature operation of -20° C ~ 70° C and its low power consumption of just 5.35W make the device able to withstand all kinds of outdoor environmental conditions and guarantees 24/7 operation. What's more, Advantech also provided compatible LVDS and backlight cables so customers saved time on cable customization which allowed them to just focus on their application development.

IDK-2000 Series
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Digital Menu Board Application
The digital menu board market is booming since it allows restaurants to display dynamic menus, advertise specials, and deliver highly targeted messages. To fit into small installation spaces, Advantech provides an alternative - DSD-5038 38" (16:4.5) stretched signage display. The 16:4.5 of super wide ratio perfectly fits restricted spaces. Compared to plain billboards or posters, DSD-5038 supports animated multimedia content, real-time message delivery, and smart remote configuration features. DSD-5038 is fully integrated with ARK-DS762 digital signage player providing a total solution. The long life LED backlight allows 50,000 hours of operation, as well as saving up to 50% less power consumption—making it ideal for both performance and energy-saving applications.

DSD-5000 Series
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Control and Monitoring Systems
The customer was looking for a stable and cost effective display solution for their control and monitoring system in the factory. The system needed to operate up to 24 hours per day in high temperature (usually over 50°C) in-door environments. Advantech IDS-3215, 15” panel mount monitor and ARK-3403 perfectly met the customer's needs. IDS-3215’s strengthened metal front frame and -20~60°C wide-range operating temperature makes it work stably and reliably in the harsh environment. Integrated with resistive touchscreen, IDS-3215 provides high resistance to dust and water and allows operation even with wearing gloves. Yet, IDS-3215’s cost competitive advantage and long term availability makes it a suitable solution for machine automation applications.

IDS-3200 Series
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Product Information
What is an Industrial Display Kit?
An Industrial Display Kit, or LCD Display Kit, includes the portion of a display solution that covers all components necessary for the LCD display integration. The IDK consists of an LCD panel, backlight unit, touch sensor, touch controller (if selected), and cables for the LVDS and backlight. A matched LVDS cable is a key for operability with an embedded board. Advantech offers a full line of Industrial Display Kits such as its IDK Series. Two series are provided; IDK-1000 series is ideal for indoor applications while 1200-nit IDK-2000 series is perfect for outdoor applications. These Industrial Display Kits use an LVDS interface, as compared to VGA input kits.
What is in an Open Frame Monitor?
An open frame monitor already includes a video board and back cover so it can be easily connected with embedded boards and systems via VGA or DVI interface. Its front bezel-less design allows customers to design their unique enclosure and is suitable for versatile embedded applications especially Kiosks. Advantech offers a full line of Open Frame Monitors as its IDS-3100 Series. The series includes resistive touch/non-touch, and standard/economic versions to better fulfill customers’ needs.
What is in a Panel Mount Monitor?
A panel mount monitor is an industrial monitor with front bezel design. This type of display meets the needs of customers who want to quickly and easily integrate their solutions with embedded boards/ systems via DVI and VGA interface and is suitable for machine automation and transportation applications. Advantech offers comprehensive Panel Mount Monitors such as its IDS-3200 series. The series includes resistive touch/non-touch, and standard/economic versions to better fulfill customers’ needs.
What is in an Industrial Grade Digital Signage Display?
An Industrial grade digital signage display is designed with rugged mechanical integration with high resolution to provide high definition images, and withstand the constant interactivity inherent in public access venues. The series can easily connect to signage box system solutions via HDMI or DVI interface for a total digital signage solution.
Reasons for Choosing an Industrial Display
LVDS Interoperability
Although factors such as brightness and resolution have their priority, many designers are aware of the pitfalls of display kit incompatibilities when integrating LVDS cables on their board or PC system. Designing your own LVDS cable in order to interface the LCD to the SBC can be labor-intensive, as well as needing specialized tools, so customized cable fabrication is usually assigned to a cable vendor and naturally, this causes an increase in system costs.

Since each LCD Display Kit has a different LVDS and power cable for different embedded boards, Advantech launched an online tool to save time finding the right display for the right Advantech board product, as well as matching the right LVDS and backlight cables.
Measured in candela per square meter (cd/m2) which are informally referred to as 'Nits', an LCD display's brightness, or luminance, can be a part of a selection process to ensure visibility requirements, given the system's environment. Most consumer grade desktop LCDs for indoor use have a luminance of 200 to 300 Nits, whereas 450 to 2000 Nits are considered ideal for industrial and outdoor use.
The display’s resolution, or pixel dimensions, also weighs in to the selection process. Display size, the graphic requirements of the application, and dimensions of the enclosure may all be factors in the resolution of your ideal display.
Abbreviation Resolution Panel Size
VGA 640x480 5.7” / 6.5“
SVGA 800x600 8.4" / 10.4"
WSVGA 1024 X 600 7“ Wide / 10.1” Wide
XGA 1024x768 12.1" / 15"
SXGA 1280x1024 17" / 19"
HD 1366 x 768 15.6” / 18.5” / 32”
Full HD 1920 x 1080 21.5” / 42”~
The actual supported resolutions are resident within the board’s BIOS. Advantech has compiled this information for its Embedded Board products, and will indicate the compatible IDK products for each board.
Contrast Ratio
Contrast Ratio is the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) to that of the darkest color that the display is capable of rendering. As a baseline, a Contrast Ratio of 500: 1 is considered standard for a consumer desktop PC display.
For embedded solutions, there are generally two kinds of backlight products on the market. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL), are a technology that has been in place for some time. They handle temperatures well, and have low initial costs. There are other design aspects to consider, however, such as the need for an inverter to supply separate power to the CCFL device.

LED backlights have grown in popularity for embedded applications due to benefits of low watt consumption, low heat dissipation, and lower overall cost. LED backlights generally deliver 20-30% lower power consumption. However many PC solutions require a separate LED driver board for its function.
Touch Function
The Touch Sensor adheres to the front of an LCD Panel as a separate layer. The sensor's controller determines the location of the touch. Within this spectrum, different touch technology can be incorporated to fit the application. Resistive Touch is popular for embedded applications due to its accuracy, cost effectiveness and ability to respond to any object, including a gloved hand or stylus. Capacitive Touch provides better clarity and durability and is suitable for KIOSK applications. Projective capacitive touch becomes increasingly ubiquitous for its intuitive and multi-touch operations offering more alternatives for applications such as gaming and retail kiosks.
Comparison Table for Different Touch Solutions
  Input Method Durability Multi-touch support Touch Driver
Resistive Touch Stylus, Finger 1~36million touches NA No need under Win7/Win8 OS
Capacitive Touch Finger 225million touches NA
Projected Capacitive Touch Finger 50 million touches YES
Backlight MTBF
MTBF means the life time of backlight in LCD display module which is a key point for industrial display applications.
Product Longevity
Industrial applications usually require high product longevity to ensure the consistent specification and quality. Consumer grade displays provide only 0.5~1 year longevity while Advantech offers 3 year longevity to better meet customers’ need.
Advantech Customization Services
With its own class 10,000 clean room, Advantech provides various LCD customization services with high quality and reliability. Our custom items include optical bonding, brightness enhancement, touchscreen integration, and AR film lamination.
Versatile LCD Size
All sizes from 5.7" to 55" for small and large projects
Optical Enhancement
  1. Optical Bonding
  2. AR Coating
  3. Brightness Enhancement
Touchscreen Integration
  1. Resistive Touch
  2. Capacitive Touch
  3. Projected Capacitive Touch
Sunlight Readable
  1. High Brightness
  2. AR Film Lamination
Advantech Warranty
Advantech industrial display products are provided with competitive warranty offerings for your product. Generally speaking, Advantech provides a basic 2-year warranty while the industry average is 1 year. Customers are also able to upgrade their warranty to 3- or 5-years to fit your project needs.