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Advantech 2019 Dubai Arab Health

Advantech plans to showcase its latest AVAS-60 Video Archiving and Streaming solutions at Arab Health 2019. AVAS is expected to transform healthcare delivery with high performance quality images recording. 2019 Dubai Arab Health - Booth #Saeed3 E19

Date: 2019/01/28  -   2019/01/31
Latest News
2020/05/04 【Webinar Review】Dive into the Interoperability in the Operating Room
Advantech invites you to explore the value and impact of OR image internal (routing and switching) and external (broadcasting) distribution, image and video integration, and intelligent imaging on surgical outcomes and safety.
2020/04/25 WPC Interview: Enabling the "intelligent" planet
Advantech has been an expert in automotive computers, industrial PCs and display terminals in transport, logistics and production for over 30 years. In Taipei (Taiwan), I had the opportunity to speak with MC Chiang, Vice President of Advantech Service-IoT Group, and Michael Kreft, Executive Sales Director Advantech Service-IoT.
2020/03/26 IP-Based Nurse Call System Enhances Patient Satisfaction
IP nurse call is a communication and management system equipped with IP technology.
2020/03/18 Advantech Launches HIT-507 7” Medical-Grade Healthcare Information Terminal for HMI Applications
HIT-507 – a 7”medical-grade healthcare information terminal aimed at offering equipment builders an easily integrated HMI for rapid product development
2020/01/22 Why do Medical All-in-One PCs Benefit Robotic-Assisted Knee Surgery?
Real-time, high-performance computing and model display are essential for robot-assisted knee surgery. Advantech’s medical AIO computers offer advanced computing capabilities as well as expansion modules for integrating value-added features to satisfy the needs in robot-assisted knee surgery.
2019/12/03 Advantech Launches POC-IPSM90 Medical-Grade Battery Pack to Empower Panel PCs with True Mobility
Advantech is pleased to announce POC-IPSM90 – a medical-grade power pack that supports hot-swappable batteries to provide an uninterrupted power supply.
2019/11/12 【2019 MEDICA】5 Turnkeys you Should Not Miss
What can you expected from Advantech iHealthcare @ MEDICA 2019? Watch our webinar video!
2019/10/31 Demonstrations Integrated Operating Room Solutions at Medica 2019
At the upcoming Medica show in Düsseldorf INTER will demonstrate its integrated operating room (OR) platform ORflow. The Dutch system integrator welcomes international hospitals and system integrators to visit their joint booth, together with partner Advantech iHealthcare, from November 18-21st, in Hall 9 on booth A74.
2019/10/22 Advantech Launches PAX-332 – 32” Medical-Grade Surgical Monitor for Operating Precision
Advantech is pleased to announce PAX-332 – a 32-inch widescreen medical-grade surgical monitor aimed at ensuring operating precision.
2019/09/25 Advantech Launches Medical-Grade AVAS-400 Series 4K UHD Video Recorder
Advantech, a leading provider of medical computing platforms and solutions, is pleased to announce its AVAS-400 Series medical-grade 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) video recorder aimed at ensuring operating precision.
2019/08/27 Advantech Launches AMiS-50E Computerized Medical Cart for Diverse Mobile Healthcare Applications
Advantech, a leading provider of medical computing systems and services, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its AMiS product line – the AMiS-50E computerized medical cart with iPS-M420S power system.
2019/08/22 Advantech AVAS Comprehensively Integrates Images for Improved Quality of Surgery
With Advantech's AVAS image streaming, Cheng Hsin General Hospital integrates OR images needed throughout surgery, and greatly enhances OR efficiency with smart and intuitive interface design.
2019/07/08 Lossless Video over IP solution in the OR of the Future
The intelligent OR delivers a complete hospital streaming solution together with our medical grade panel PCs, medical displays with integrated NDcoder, mobile solutions and our lossless FHD zero-latency video streaming with mouse- and touch-thru.
2019/07/04 Advantech wins 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Award: Best Hospital Implementation
Irvine, California -- Advantech is thrilled to announce it has been selected as the winner of the Best Hospital Technology Implementation award in the 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program for their work at The Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam.
2019/07/04 Advantech Named Top Vendor in 2019 CIO 100 Awards
Irvine, California -- Advantech was recently named one of the top vendors in the prestigious 2019 CIO 100 Awards. The recognition comes from the customized deployment of their Advantech HIT-W183 Healthcare Information Terminal within select medical centers throughout the country.
2019/03/13 Advantech Launches USM-110W ITE-Certified Edge SRP for Diverse Clinical Applications
USM-110W Press Release
2019/01/29 Advantech Launches USM-500 Medical-Grade Edge Server for Diverse Hospital Applications
USM-500 Press Release
2018/11/16 HIMSS Greater China AVP and Director of Education Anjie Ren advocates patient safety improvement through closed loop medication administration
Advantech invited Anjie Ren, AVP and Director of Education for HIMSS Greater China, to speak on “China hospital information installations and practice under HIMSS EMRAM” in the “Achieving hospital information installation closed-loop medication administration (CLMA) and medication administration safety” focus topic...
2018/11/02 Advantech’s first IoT Co-Creation Summit empowers global IoT industry chain with co-creation
Advantech (stock symbol: 2395), a leader in the global intelligent systems market held the first Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit at Suzhou International Expo Center today (Nov. 1st). Over 5 thousand Advantech clients and partners around the world attended the Summit.
2018/10/19 Advantech WISE-PaaS 3.0 Facilitates Data-driven Industrial Co-creation through Digital Transformation
Advantech (stock symbol: 2395), a leader in the global intelligent systems market held its first IoT Co-Creation Summit at Suzhou International Expo Center. During the summit, Advantech introduced new features for WISE-PaaS 3.0 and shared a number of IoT solution ready packages (SRPs), based on WISE-PaaS, developed with numerous co-creation partner
2018/06/13 Advantech Kostec Launches 24” PAX-324 Medical Grade Surgical Monitor
2018/05/29 Advantech Launches 5” MICA-053 Tablet to Provide a Portable Nursing Care Solution for Diverse Healthcare Applications
2018/02/09 Advantech Launches HIT-W183 and HIT-W153 Healthcare Infotainment Terminals for Diverse Hospital Applications
2017/07/19 Advantech Launches POC Series of Medical-Grade Point-of-Care Terminals for High-Resolution Imaging
Powered by the latest 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i processor that delivers up to a 30% increase in graphics performance, POC series terminals are high-performance medical-grade devices with the capability to support multiple displays for complex imaging-related healthcare applications ...
2017/07/03 Advantech Launches HIT-W101C 10" Information Terminal for Healthcare Applications
Advantech is pleased to announce HIT-W101C – a 10” healthcare information terminal specifically designed for hospital applications. Featuring a Freescale™ i.MX6 A9 quad-core processor, Android 5.1 operating system, and 10.1” 16:9 widescreen multi-touch display with projected ...