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OPS Media Player for the Digital Classroom : Let Kids See, Touch and Learn

| 6/8/2012


One of our North American customers manufactures interactive installations that allow elementary school students to work, play and learn together on the surface of a kiosk-style table. The teacher delivers prepared material on the whiteboard for the whole class to see, then the kids split into groups to work on related exercises at the kiosk-style tables. This optimizes both small group and whole class learning, keeping students challenged and engaged.


  • Advanced computing & graphic engine delivering full HD quality content
  • Low power consumption
  • Wi-Fi module for wireless connection
  • Easy installation, maintenance and upgrade
  • Windows® 7 Embedded
  • Great reliability, stability and connectivity


A digital classroom usually contains a number of electronic devices such as computers, displays, projectors, audio-visual equipment, etc. To avoid damage resulting from children’s enthusiastic participation, it is important to enclose cables and wires so as to maintain a safe classroom. Each kiosk-table that our customer designed combines an Advantech ARK-DS262 signage player and audio system encased in a locked cabinet under the table; the surface of the table is a touch-display screen. All devices communicate via Wi-Fi with the interactive whiteboard, which is controlled by another OPS computer. No cables or wires are visible. Secondly, advanced computing power and graphic performance are required to deliver multimedia teaching materials with good quality resolution. Also, what the teacher writes or presents on the interactive whiteboard must also immediately appear on the table displays, making the teaching and learning process fluently interactive.

Advantech’s ARK-DS262 is the OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) computer adopting the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, built in advanced graphics engine, with support for HDMI output for full HD content display and 3D animation applications. The OPS specificationreleased by Intel® is an effort to help standardize the design and development of the digital signage industry, featuring a standard slim form factor, standard pluggable interface, standard signal output for easy installation, operation and maintenance. These features make it suitable for e-education applications. The ARK-DS262 also supports one internal Mini PCle interface for add-on functions such as wirelesscards, so all the material andactivities can be shared and transmitted immediately between interactive whiteboard and kiosk-style tables. Furthermore, the material can be saved and uploaded to the central server by WLAN, without any USB disk.


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