think one step ahead

Industrial motherboards have been a stable mature product in the IPC field for many years because they offer greater reliability, longer lifetime support and strict revision control to ensure high ROI. That provides embedded developers with many similar product choices in the market. So to meet customer needs, embedded solution providers have to think hard about how to offer more important embedded features that really help customers achieve their specific embedded application goals.

Advantech is committed to serving our customers with faster more intelligent industrial motherboard solutions. So to meet this objective, we proposed a new concept we call Industrial Motherboard 2.0 in order to fulfill specific market demands for more intelligent smarter applications, and to provide a higher quality of service and system integration.

All products include 5 to 7 years longevity support with strict revision control, and Windows/Linux/QNX embedded operating systems.

Features of Advantech Industrial Motherboard 2.0
  1. Evolution by Intelligent Design
  2. Focused Design for Specific Vertical Applications
  3. Comprehensive Services for IMB System Integration
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